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Secure Digital Transformation

Reinventing government services in a digital age by creating a digital-first customer journey. Digital identities are becoming the foundation within our economy and society. The ability to use high-trust, secure and legally valid electronic signing solutions are crucial for creating a digital-first customer journey.

Data Privacy & Compliance

The Government sector has a necessity to build security into the entire digital estate - across identities, devices, network, infrastructure, applications, and data. To create greater trust amongst citizens, there is also a requirement for greater transparency and as to how citizen data is held and used to help improve their lives.


Secure Cloud Adoption

Public sector cloud adoption has grown as European countries concentrate on digital transformation of workflows- referred to as e-government initiatives. Delivering services efficiently and achieving cost savings are key deliverables of cloud adoption in government. This enables governments and public sectors to balance innovation alongside security requirements.


Big Data Analytics

Governments must have the right infrastructure in place to continue to deliver services as well as ensuring that enhanced security measures are in place. This could mean that more power is given to a patient with personalised data and evidence based advice, or e-voting which would create more inclusive and responsive voting and increase participation.

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