Please pay attention to certain small details when making your application to avoid being needlessly discarded from the shortlist of candidates. We have compiled the most frequent questions relating to the application process here. 

Application phase

As an IT business, we would prefer to receive your application by email. This way, you save material and postage costs, and we are saved the cost of returning your documents. We also prefer virtual folders to having a filing cabinet in the HR department.

In all cases, please state in your email covering letter

(a) your earliest possible start date

(b) your anticipated salary.

Please ensure additional documents (such as your CV with a photograph, references or certificates) are enclosed in your email in a single PDF attachment.

We endeavour to react to your application directly and promptly. We want to spare you and ourselves weeks of waiting and anxiety. We take each application very seriously and examine it conscientiously, which certainly requires a little time. The length of the process increases in accordance with the quantity of applications and the appointments that have to be scheduled accordingly. We are against the bad habit of leaving applications unanswered for days or weeks on end. We will make an effort to keep you consistently informed throughout the process – that's something you can depend on.

Interview phase

For the most part, there will be two interviews in person. In some cases, an additional telephone interview will also be carried out.

Depending on the position being advertised, for each interview, colleagues from the relevant specialist departments or teams will be present, as well as a representative from HR and, depending on the interview, heads of department or board members. Decisions are always made jointly.

Depending on the position you are applying for (development), we may want to take a quick look at some of your code, on the basis of which you can explain how you develop, what you focus on and your corresponding approach. We would coordinate this with you in advance, however.

Final phase

It is not only personality, experience, technical and methodological skills that are crucial for us. Alongside potential, it is important for us that you fit in with the team. The extent to which Utimaco is a good fit for you is also significant. After each phase of the application process, we will contact you promptly to inform you of what will happen next.

Together with the contract documents, you will receive our employee handbook, in which we explain to you in detail everything that you need to know about the business. We will explain to you the procedures, user access, contact persons and the code of conduct. There will be a colleague on hand to introduce you to matters relating to the business and products. You can always turn to your colleagues for your further personal and professional development; they will give you helpful tips based on their experience.

We will certainly reimburse your travel costs in line with legal requirements. To this end, please fill out the linked document and bring it to your interview or send it to recruiting@utimaco.com.