HSM for Dummies

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This e-book is an introduction to HSMs, their technology and purpose.

Learn to:

  • Distinguish between different HSM technologies
  • Choose the right HSM for your application
  • Differentiate existing certification methods
  • Work with the Utimaco HSM simulator: Start today!


HSM for Dummies – What you need to know about Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

Know where your keys are

Cryptographic applications are essential for securing data transactions. At Utimaco we work to transform this highly complex encryption process into an easy-to-use product. This way, you don’t have to be a crypto expert to drive the full value of a Hardware Security Module. You can build products and services that help your end users enjoy the full value of the Internet of Things, without the risk of third party attacks or data theft. With this e-book you get clear, practical guidance on how to benefit from deploying HSMs in your infrastructure.

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Send request for access