Case Study

irdeto – Protecting Valuable Media Assets from the Threat of Piracy

About the case study

About the case study

How to Use Utimaco's Open Appliance Platform to Protect End-to-End Processes for Distributed Assets and the IoT against Threats of Piracy

The following case study shows how the IoT digital platform security company irdeto had a requirement to protect TV services from the threat of piracy. The challenge was to deliver real-time defences for pay-media and content owners enabling consumers to securely access premium content from any device.

Take a closer look at:

  • How Utimaco and irdeto collaborated on a custom solution that resulted in an open appliance HSM platform that allowed irdeto’s developers to program and construct their own software architecture

  • Background on irdeto’s Key Management System and how digital media is secured with the best encryption technology

  • How cryptographic operations are guarded from intrusion attempts by use of Utimaco HSMs which enables unique cryptographic keys that cannot be accessed by a third party

  • How a ‘one platform, one technology’ approach was applied by both companies in order to deliver a best in class, future proof, Key Management platform.

The case study describes how Utimaco and irdeto developed a partnership, working hard to develop a robust solution that fulfills both technical and operational requirements.

Irdeto Case Study

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