Data Retention Solution

A Turnkey Solution for Data Retention

Telecom data retention is the process of preserving all traffic and subscriber data for various telecommunications services for a period of months and years. However, this data does not include the content of a communication.
Access to retained telecom data is seen by law enforcement agencies and intelligence services as a critical component of modern crime investigation and terrorism prevention.

Retained electronic data is frequently utilized  to identify and trace suspects, uncover terrorists’ social networks, and gather admissible evidence for court proceedings.

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Many countries around the world have passed laws to define the authority of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, as well as the responsibilities of service providers. Telecom operators and Internet service providers are often requested to retain call records, internet connection records, email logs and subscriber data for a period ranging from a few weeks to two years. They must respond to authorized inquiries by law enforcement and intelligence agencies without undue delay and report the suspect’s retained data. Strong data security and data protection requirements must be in place to ensure that retained data can only be accessed by authorized staff and for legitimate purposes.
For telecom operators and Internet service providers, data retention necessitates significant investment in support systems that enable them to comply with these laws. Clearly, simply extending the retention period of billing records is insufficient, as laws and regulations require additional data and strongdata protection. Every day, there are millions to billions of records to be stored, depending on the size and type of operator, and operators must be able to respond to hundreds to thousands of inquiries per day.

Utimaco has responded to these requirements with a purpose-built solution for telecom data retention: the Utimaco DRS.

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Lawful Interception Overview

Legally compliant monitoring of telecommunications services

A complete solution for Lawful Interception (LI) management

Lawful interception (LI) refers to the legally approved surveillance of telecommunication services. It has become an important tool for law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world for investigating and prosecuting criminal activities and terrorist operations.

Most countries have passed laws requiring telecommunication service providers to assist law enforcement agencies (LEAs) with duly authorized requests to identify, monitor, and deliver electronic communication of individuals. tThere are also national regulatory authorities and international standardization bodies that together define the technical framework for legal interception.

lawful interception chart

Government Solutions

Strongest Security for Government Use Cases

Securing classified information on all levels

Data security today is a crucial topic for all organizations. This applies specifically to government and public authorities.

Authority data security standards require appropriate measures and controls to ensure the complete protection of all sensitive data. The most efficient way to fulfill these requirements is the use of encryption technology that securely stores the cryptographic keys inside an HSM with the relevant classification approval like VS-NfD (VS-NUR FÜR DEN DIENSTGEBRAUCH), RESTREINT EU/EU RESTRICTED or NATO/NATO RESTRICTED.


Based on more than 25 years of experience in the government and public authority sector, UTIMACO provides the appropriate solutions for the strong requirements to secure classified information. By providing classified hardware- and software-based products, UTIMACO provides a solution for individual classification requirements for government and public authority use cases.

UTIMACO is an official participant of the qualified approval process of BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) for encryption solutions and collaborates with a network of partners offering and implementing different VS-NfD solutions.


Mobile Networks

Ensuring Protection of Subscriber Data in Mobile Networks

Critical devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become an integral component of both professional and personal lives. As a result, both the number of mobile network subscribers and the number of devices per user has steadily increased over the previous two decades. This trend will continue, driven not only by the growing number of individuals using mobile devices, but also by the industry where effective network monitoring is a requirement and therefore, an increasing number of devices will be monitored or actively communicated with over mobile networks.

Collection of machine health data, over transmission of power generation or power consumption data in smart grids, connection between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) in enterprises, to Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication are all examples of industrial use cases. These use cases typically build on new features introduced with 5G mobile networks, and rely heavily on the trustworthiness of such mobile networks and their ability to protect confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of subscriber identities and transmitted information.


UTIMACO protects subscriber identity and keys in mobile networks from 2G to 5G against disclosure, manipulation and misuse. Our solution builds on the long-term experience as a leading manufacturer of hardware-based security with a track record of more than 15 years.

UTIMACO HSMs have been installed by more than 100 mobile network operators worldwide including the majority of the 10 largest mobile network operators.

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Our Partners

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The next generation platform

By deploying HSM-as-a-Service, Anchor enables businesses to stay ahead of IT security challenges while accelerating digital transformation. Anchor combines the best of both worlds: a robust high performance HSM and a converged crypto platform for general purpose and payment use cases.

With its unprecedented and unique capabilities, Anchor provides a path to rapid digital transformation while meeting compliance requirements.

  • Offers best in class performance
  • Enables deployment of HSM as a Service
  • Secures sensitive and confidential data
  • Reduces total cost of ownership


Highest crypto security requirements for shared keys and keying material

In today’s threat landscape, encryption is a standard business requirement that becomes increasingly important when encrypted information must be shared or made accessible to third parties outside the organization. As a result,  generation and distribution of cryptographic keys and keying materials can be a daunting task, particularly  in industries with highly sensitive (personal or confidential) data and strict compliance requirements, such as payment or manufacturing.

With over 15 years of market experience, KeyBRIDGE has been meeting the needs of growing key environments. It is built around industry standards, customer requirements and is constantly developed and improved.

The single, centralized product platform for various use cases

KeyBRIDGE’s vendor-agnostic methodology addresses the issues associated with the generation, injection and distribution of cryptographic keys and keying materials for a wide range of industries - from banking and financial services, automotive and manufacturing to general-purpose use cases, the platform mitigates the challenges associated with cryptographic key management.

The KeyBRIDGE platform provides robust key management enabling organizations to securely store, distribute and access sensitive keying material and secret data within a single, centralized location.

With built-in automated tracking, organizations can manage key details and history for all keys within their environment, leading to more effective, secure and compliant key management.

Whether supporting HSM integration, remote or direct key loading, the KeyBRIDGE product line is fully scalable from the smallest to largest of organizations.

HSM & Key Management

UTIMACO’s solutions for easy and centralized management of crypto keys and resources


Facing the challenge of managing crypto secrets

Every organization faces the challenge to manage keys and HSMs. The greater the amount of data that must be protected against loss, attack, and misuse, the higher the amount of keys to secure it, and hence the effort involved in handling these keys. The use of HSMs as root of trust is essential for securing the crypto environment, however with the number of integrated HSMs, monitoring and management can quickly become full-time jobs. Especially when they are utilized for a variety of use cases such as payment, network communication and general purposes.


Key & HSM Management made easy by UTIMACO

UTIMACO provides solutions for secure key management as well as for centralized HSM management and monitoring to address the challenge of managing crypto secrets. All solutions provide a single pane of glass for centralized and transparent monitoring, control and management, as well as audit logs to assist in attestation and high capacity.

Financial Service Solutions

Hardware-based security for an industry that has some of the most demanding IT compliance requirements - banking and financial services

All players within the banking and financial service industry have a requirement to fulfill highly demanding IT compliance requirements and regulations. These include, fast-paced market ‘digital finance’ developments such as contactless payments and mobile apps,, peer-to-peer lending, open banking and remote trading - where banks provide services that go beyond cash with digital engagement.

Within the insurance sector, faced with the major health crisis of 2020 and economic distress, business had to be redefined. Insurance became personal and tailored to the specific needs of customers. Bringing this level of personalization requires an advanced analytics technology structure that enables real time insights from large amounts of data from various sources - examples are connected homes, vehicle mileage and proof of safe driving.

In an industry where a vast amount of personalized data is generated, unwanted security concerns have also evolved- fraud and phishing attacks have increased dramatically.

On a local and global scale, all stakeholders within this industry have new and ongoing security requirements to consider Given the severe consequences of security breaches, it’s critical to build on reliable and proven cryptographic cybersecurity solutions.


Utimaco’s hardware-based security solutions have been specifically designed in order to meet the critical needs of customers within the banking and financial services industry with solutions that are based on more than 45 years of experience.

By providing HSMs with strong physical and logical security, Utimaco provides trusted digital end-to-end processes which can range from PCI compliant payment card processing, bank card issuing and cardholder authentication through to tokenization of payment data and block-chain solutions.

Utimaco offers modular, proven and compliant applications to secure the whole heterogeneous transaction processing chain, from points of departure to the end - in full compliance with PCI DSS and FIPS 140 regulations to banks and financial services all over the world.

Utimaco solutions are known for their high level of customization options, which allow them to better meet the actual requirements and IT infrastructure of their customers’.With botheasy  integrations through a huge range of supported cryptographic algorithms and highly scalable  applications interfaces (APIs), Utimaco provides a unique range of solutions across the banking and financial services industry.


If you are looking for reliable cybersecurity or lawful interception solutions, look no further. Utimaco integrates them into a wide range of applications across a range of industries to help achieve compliance with laws and regulations. 

5G Lawful Interception

5G Lawful Interception

The comprehensive solution for lawful interception, supporting fast mediation of broadband multimedia traffic from 5G networks while meeting the specifications of Global Standards

5G Security

5G Security

5G - Secure Storage, Management & Processing of Subscription Credentials

5G Technology

5G Technology

5G- the value for businesses and a disruption to cyber security



Multi-factor Authentication. Eliminate the primary target of hackers - the password.


Bank Card Issuing

Securing consumer data and preventing fraud whilst ensuring compliance with government and industry data regulations



Improving blockchain security with HSMs

Cloud-Service Architecture

Cloud Service Architecture

Adapting to a Cloud Service environment

Code signing

Code signing

Code Signing – a fundamental way to secure innovation

Cryptographic key management

Cryptographic Key Management

Utimaco and GEOBRIDGE to provide cryptographic key management and HSM from a single source

Database encryption

Database encryption

Protect digital data confidentiality with database encryption

Key Injection

Key injection

Key Injection gives every Device an Identity

Monitoring the Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitoring the Internet of Things

Securing the IoT for Lawful Interception monitoring requirements

Multi-cloud Key Management

Multi-cloud Key Management

Generate, store, manage and maintain cryptographic keys in a secure environment

Payment HSM as a service with blue planet in the background

Payment HSM as a Service

Outsource your Payment HSMs to a fully managed, globally accessible, cloud-based service

PCI-Compliant Payment Card Processing

PCI Compliant Payment Card Processing

Securing and protecting the financial services industry with end-to-end transaction security

Post quantum crypto agility

Post quantum crypto agility

Quantum supremacy and the ever increasing threat

Public Key infrastructure

Public key infrastructure (PKI)

Securing Public Key Infrastructure. Build a trusted and secure business environment by authenticating users and devices.

Document signing

Qualified Electronic Signatures & Seals

Store your certificates and keys for the signing process in an HSM to prevent others from signing documents with your keys.

Payment HSM as a service

Secure Electronic Payment Services & Open Banking

Account Information Service & Payment Initiation Service Providers

Random number generator

Random Number Generation

True random numbers are the foundation of strong, unique encryption keys.

Secure Retention of Call Traffic Data

Secure Retention of Traffic Data

Secure & Resilient Retention of Call Traffic Data

Security of IoT Components

Security of IoT Components

Protecting IoT Components & Devices with Key Injection



Keeping sensitive information secure and private by encrypting with tokenisation

Tokenization of Credit Card Payment Data

Tokenization of Payment Data

Keeping sensitive payment data secure and private by encrypting with tokenization

Trusted Timestamp

Trusted Timestamp

Secure Timestamps for Document & Data Authenticity

V2X Communication

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Communication

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) - securing transmission of data from Vehicle to any entity

General Purpose Solutions

The ideal solution for a wide range of use cases

Data security is becoming more and more crucial in infrastructures and organizations throughout various industries and this brings a range of obligations and responsibilities related to how this information is processed, stored and used. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) protect sensitive assets against disclosure, manipulation and misuse.


UTIMACO’s general purpose solutions have been designed to meet the needs and standards of a wide range of use cases and market segments in a highly reliable way.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in hardware-based security, Utimaco have developed and optimized a family of general purpose HSMs, with models that address different levels of performance and physical security for use cases in enterprises, government and public administration, and large infrastructures.

This makes UTIMACO’s HSM portfolio the perfect solution for adding an extra layer of security to a wide range of general-purpose use cases.

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