The Central Tokenization Solution for a KeyBRIDGE Appliance


Secure and easy-to-manage Tokenization

  • Provides a complete solution with a built-in HSM, database and token management system
  • Offers Vault and Vaultless based Tokenization
  • PCI and FIPS certified
  • Provides Centralized Key Storage
  • Enables Detailed Token Inventory
Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Out-of-the-Box Solution

Benefit from a complete Tokenization creation and management solution which is provided and delivered by a built-in HSM as root of trust, an integrated database and a Token Management System (TMS).


Highly secure Tokenization

Achieve best-in-class entropy and high-quality keys through True Random Number Generator (TRNG) and encrypted self-contained & auto-maintained database.


Centralized Key and Token Management

Enable easy crypto management with centralized key and token storage and detailed key and token inventory.



Secure and easy-to-manage Vault & Vaultless based Tokenization



KeyBRIDGE TokenBRIDGE offers a complete tokenization solution to prevent organizations from data loss and guarantee uniqueness for assets without complicating security management.

TokenBRIDGE incorporates a true token vault. The clear value is tokenized and stored in logical encrypted containers as a result. The de-tokenization is rapidly executed by retrieving the clear value using per-relationship keys.

The centralized key storage and the detailed token inventory provide the user with full control and easy management without the requirement for external resources.

TokenBRIDGE adds an additional layer of security to organizations and protects sensitive data by using 256 bit AES encryption.

Random Tokenization in any format

  • Provides vault and vaultless based tokenization

Certified for Payment and General-Purpose use cases

  • PCI-HSM v3 certified
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified

High physical and logical security

  • Provides high assurance token collision avoidance 
  • Intrusion-resistant and tamper-evident hardware
  • Allows role-based access control (RBAC) enforced with dual control and split knowledge

Easy to manage

  • No external key management required
  • Provides Built-in backup for fast system restoration
  • Benefit from the simple to use intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

Easy integration into your existing crypto environment

  • GUI & RESTful API Interface
  • Works as standalone appliance that can be easily integrated as part of a mesh IT network

Highest storing capacity

  • Enables storage of up to 2,5 Billion tokens


Our general-purpose HSM that ensures the security of cryptographic key material for servers and applications.

Find more details Anchor Anchor combines a robust high performance HSM and a converged crypto platform to enable a path to rapid digital transformation and meet compliance requirements.

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