Financial Service Solutions

Financial Service Solutions

Hardware-based security for an industry that has some of the most demanding IT compliance requirements - banking and financial services

All players within the banking and financial service industry have a requirement to fulfill highly demanding IT compliance requirements and regulations. These include, fast-paced market ‘digital finance’ developments such as contactless payments and mobile apps,, peer-to-peer lending, open banking and remote trading - where banks provide services that go beyond cash with digital engagement.

Within the insurance sector, faced with the major health crisis of 2020 and economic distress, business had to be redefined. Insurance became personal and tailored to the specific needs of customers. Bringing this level of personalization requires an advanced analytics technology structure that enables real time insights from large amounts of data from various sources - examples are connected homes, vehicle mileage and proof of safe driving.

In an industry where a vast amount of personalized data is generated, unwanted security concerns have also evolved- fraud and phishing attacks have increased dramatically.

On a local and global scale, all stakeholders within this industry have new and ongoing security requirements to consider Given the severe consequences of security breaches, it’s critical to build on reliable and proven cryptographic cybersecurity solutions.


Utimaco’s hardware-based security solutions have been specifically designed in order to meet the critical needs of customers within the banking and financial services industry with solutions that are based on more than 45 years of experience.

By providing HSMs with strong physical and logical security, Utimaco provides trusted digital end-to-end processes which can range from PCI compliant payment card processing, bank card issuing and cardholder authentication through to tokenization of payment data and block-chain solutions.

Utimaco offers modular, proven and compliant applications to secure the whole heterogeneous transaction processing chain, from points of departure to the end - in full compliance with PCI DSS and FIPS 140 regulations to banks and financial services all over the world.

Utimaco solutions are known for their high level of customization options, which allow them to better meet the actual requirements and IT infrastructure of their customers’.With botheasy  integrations through a huge range of supported cryptographic algorithms and highly scalable  applications interfaces (APIs), Utimaco provides a unique range of solutions across the banking and financial services industry.

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