Reliable protection of personal, sensitive and business-critical data for companies and authorities


LANCrypt – Protect personal, sensitive and business-critical data from unauthorized access

  • Supports the GDPR-compliant handling of sensitive data
  • Role-based access protection to sensitive data within the organisation
  • Enables cross-platform and transparent access to encrypted data
  • No user training required
Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Protection against data access by IT employees and external service providers with administrative access rights

Role-based encryption of sensitive and business-critical data


GDPR-compliant data management

Ensures GDPR-compliant handling of sensitive data including appropriate evidence thereof for companies and authorities


Cross-platform and transparent data access

Secure, encrypted and location-independent retrieval of and access to sensitive data by authorised personnel on any end devices



LANCrypt – Protect personal, sensitive and business-critical data from unauthorised access

LANCrypt offers additional security besides the implementation of the GDPR regulations for the storage and processing of data.

LANCrypt ensures that your data and the data of your customers and business partners are protected from unauthorised access from within your own organisation through role-based encryption.

Easily and effectively restrict data access by IT administrators and/or external service providers and service personnel with administrative access rights, securing personal and critical data as well as your innovations and intellectual property. This allows you, for example, to store data from your HR department, such as personnel files, appraisals and payrolls, or design data, parts lists and supplier information, together with other data, securely encrypted on a server to which all employees in your organisation have access. The access rights are assigned and managed by the IT security officer or data protection officer. Your IT department can still create backups of the files in the usual way without gaining insight into the stored data. This also protects your own employees from false assumptions and suspicions.

Automatic and transparent file encryption

  • Invisible encryption for the user
  • Does not require alteration to the workflow of the user
  • Definition and management of encryption rules by the security officer

Separation of roles between administrator and security officer

  • Key management by the security officer
  • Definition of rules for individuals or groups by the safety officer
  • System administration remains with the administrator

User authentication via X.509 certificates

  • Import of certificates from an existing PKI infrastructure or signature creation for the certificates by LANCrypt itself

Cross-platform access to data

  • Encryption solution using clients for Windows 10, Windows Server, Terminal Server, Citrix XenApp, MacOS, iOS and Android

Central database

  • For efficient key and rule management
  • Central creation of encryption rules
  • Key and data recovery

Encryption of data in the Cloud

  • Support for Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive

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