Lawful interception Test Suite (LITS)
Intercept Communications - Lawfully

Lawful Interception Management System LIMS

Utimaco LIMS is a certified and industry-leading solution that assists telecommunication service providers in complying with electronic surveillance law enforcement orders.


Utimaco understands that LI management is not simply about purchasing hardware and software. It is also about meeting national regulatory requirements and keeping up with technical developments. Our customized professional services and experienced technical support staff help you to comply with telecommunication laws while minimizing the costs and efforts of installation and operation, now and in the future. Utimaco provides services worldwide, including 24/7 technical assistance, online support, on-site training, and installation services. We operate a global network of regional service partners to assist you. Contact us for your customized service proposal.

Key Benefits: Utimaco LIMS provides a range of benefits for telecom service providers and network operators:

Key Benefits

Key Benefits



Provides low operational costs due to centralized administration of warrants and intercepts


Secure & Reliable

Benefit from the highest security standards to prevent unauthorized access and manipulation of sensitive data



Designed to assist operators in complying with national laws and regulations, international lawful interception standards (ETSI, 3GPP, ANSI/ATIS, CableLabs)



Offers a universal standard solution for all types of public communication services and networks.



Designed for modern Networks


  • Integrates with any 2G, 3G, 4G network
  • Prepared for 5G and NFV


  • Supports with all kind of DSL, cable, fiber and fixed wireless networks
  • Active and passive interception methods


  • Supports a large range of communication services
  • IMS, VoLTE, NB-IOT, RCS, E-Mail, OTT messaging, VoIP, Inflight Internet and others

Compliance LI Standards

Utimaco is advocate and active supporter of international telecom standards and participates in LI standardization by ETSI and 3GPP. Utimaco LIMS complies with a large range of international LI standards:


ETSI TS 101 671

3GPP: TS 33.106 ANSI/J-STD-025-B
ETSI TS 101 331 3GPP: TS 33.107 ATIS-1000013
ETSI TS 103 221-1 3GPP: TS 33.108 ATIS-1000678
ETSI TS 103 221-2 3GPP: TS 33.126 ATIS-0700005
ETSI ES 201 158 3GPP: TS 33.127 ATIS-0700009
ETSI TS 102 232 3GPP: TS 33.128  


  • Intercepts a range of public communications services in real-time, including phone and video calls, messages (SMS, MMS), faxes, e-mails, VoIP, VoLTE, file transfers and other Internet services.
  • Supports all networks: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G wireless, fixed networks, DSL, Cable, WLAN, WiMAX, PON
  • Seamlessly Integrates with more than 300 types of core network nodes by all leading vendors
  • Provides strong access control and privacy protection
  • Providesdisaster recovery setup
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Scalable and extensible to process tens of gigabit per second 

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