Utimaco 5G ID Associator
Trustful ID association in 5G networks

5G ID Associator

3GPP have introduced new network functions and corresponding interfaces to lay the foundation for identifier association in 5G networks. Utimaco´s 5G ID Associator solution supports network element vendors and operators in achieving the new 3GPP standards.

Utimaco 5G ID Associator Chart

To comply with 3GPP's standards, UTIMACO provides an integrated solution that includes both the Identifier Caching Function (ICF) and the Identifier Query Function (IQF) to support theidentifier association in 5G networks. ll relevant internal (LI_XQR) and handover interfaces (LI_HIQR, LI_XER) are supported by UTIMACO's 5G ID Associator solution.

As a result, this integrated and coordinated solution provides excellent interoperability and ensures that the interface performance meets all operational requirements.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Identifier Association

from temporary to permanent and vice versa


Proven interoperability

Provides an integrated solution consisting of ICF and IQF



Enables end-to-end testing of LI systems, identifying issues and bottlenecks,whilst meeting o LI standards and certain national regulations


Operational Requirements

Supports necessary operational requirements

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