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Security for the Automotive Industry

About the white paper

About the white paper

How to Conceive a Secure Data Flow and Maintain Data Privacy Around Connected Cars

The rise of technologies embedded in connected and autonomous vehicles increases the potential of cyber security attacks. This white paper describes the 3 primary targets for attack that need to be focused on and recommendations to secure and manage the chain of trust within the automotive industry.


Take a closer look at:

  • The evolving world of security, encryption and cryptography and their critical roles within the supply chain

  • The three security methodology fundamentals (data, encryption and integrity) that form a part of the chain of trust within the automotive industry

  • How the journey begins, from the backend original equipment manufacturer (OEM)  through to the final manufacturing of the vehicle. This determines how the entire system, not just a component, defines the level of security required

  • A typical device attestation data flow and how a solution around securing this data requires the highest levels of security and protection by leveraging cryptographic infrastructure, granular focus and detailed Key Management disciplines.

Find out how the Utimaco KeyBRIDGE offers a complete secure data flow solution through PKI cryptographic technology for the connected Automotive industry.

Keybridge Automotive White Paper

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