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u.trust Anchor – First Generation Converged Crypto Platform

About the white paper

About the white paper

Discover How a Single Crypto Platform Can Cater for Many Separated HSMs and Use Cases and Can Be Deployed in the Cloud and on Premise

This white paper illustrates how the changing demands of customers in a cloud computing environment necessitated a ‘platform’ solution catering for central business challenges, such as deploying an array of HSMs with different policies and requirements.

Take a closer look at:

  • How the challenge of complying with internal processes and security requirements, as well as managing these devices efficiently can be met

  • How the u.trust Anchor is designed as a HSM-as-a-Service and can be configured as a fleet, supporting the concept of containerized HSM instances

  • How the u.Trust Anchor delivers a robust high performance and a converged crypto platform for general purpose and payment use cases, particularly in financial services, who often employ a large numbers of general purpose HSMs

  • Verifying the authenticity of remote HSMs, encryption of data, the role of key injection and the establishment of a certificate-based chain of trust

  • The u.Trust Anchor’s scalability and flexibility, as well as how a single-service platform for HSMs can serve a wide range of use cases.

Find out how hardware utilization can be maximized by introduction of a scalable hardware service- u.Trust Anchor - offering both dedicated and general purpose functionality, ready to operate, on the same hardware.

First generation converged crypto platform White Paper

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