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Manufacturing & IoT

Security by Design - Improving IoT security at the point of manufacture.

Given the interconnected nature of the industry, cyberattacks can be far more extensive than before and manufacturers and supply networks need to be prepared.

Digital industrial platforms act as both innovation and transaction platforms- allowing for collection and analysis of data from a range of assets and devices. The data could then be made available to an ecosystem of third party companies to build consumer or product niches, while transforming their manufacturing business model- the result being further smart applications and services.

A combination of technologies such as cloud computing, edge computing, big data analytics and artificial intelligence form the emergence of digital industrial platforms that in turn, drive the advancement of the Industrial Internet of Things (also referred to as Industry 4.0).

Data will play a key role in the transformation of manufacturing, although it presents significant challenges in terms of security. Industrial IoT requires a continuous chain of trust whilst providing an adequate level of security without restricting the capability to exchange data and information.

Solutions for Manufacturing & IoT


Transition to Digital Manufacturing

‘Smart manufacturing’ involves a transition to digital manufacturing- a reliance on a range of technology platforms to help streamline and accelerate production processes. In general, IIoT systems span IT, operational technology and core business functions- essential for generating sustainable growth from innovation and initiatives, requiring highest security in data and software governance and interoperability without restricting process agility and openness.


Cryptographic Identity for Components

In a networked production environment, each component has to "know and trust" each other, and "identify" themselves with their digital identity - cryptographic techniques enable strong encryption and qualified identity validation. The route to secure identity commences during the manufacturing process when components are enhanced through cryptographic key injection.

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